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BUYING?     I’ve lived in Sonoma County for over thirty years as a homeowner on both city and rural property.  As a CPS Real Estate Agent, I want to help you find your perfect home here in the Wine Country!  Whether new to this county, wanting to move to a larger home, downsize, or invest in property, I can help you sort out your choices.

SELLING?   After years of caring for your special home, I will help you show others see the value in with your property that you take pride in so much.  Each area of Sonoma County has unique and diverse benefits.  I’ve lived throughout Sonoma County and know firsthand the benefits this wonderful County offers and as a CPS Real Estate Agent, I can help you present your property with its best foot forward!

WHETHER BUYING OR SELLING,  I’m a CPS Real Estate Agent who is committed to being a communicator and negotiator who will work for you and your dream.

NOW’S THE TIME! Please email or call for more information on discussing your future plans.

Often people feel it’s too soon to hire an agent, it’s not time, or they’re not ready!  There are many things that can be in motion long before the sign goes up or you look at your first house.

CONTACT ME , and I can help you make a plan for your future. 

Terry Bell,
CPS Real Estate,
Santa Rosa, CA

Please call or email regarding a listing if you have any questions! And please let your friends know that I am available to help them with any housing need! I have been trained to use the search engines effectively, so please send me some basic information about what you are looking for so that I can help you in your quest!